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Alarm Alert VM500

8 Channel, User Voice Callout Alarm Dialer
Engineering Specification
The Automatic Alarm Autodialer shall be microprocessor based and fully user programmable.  It shall accept up to eight (8) dry contact or 24 volt logic inputs from field devices in the –LV model variation or eight (8) high voltage inputs in the –HV variation.  Battery backup shall be standard.
Inputs shall be programmable for their status and may be normally open or normally closed in the non-alarm condition.  The autodialer shall continuously monitor its power supply and dial out in the case of a power failure.  All inputs shall have programmable time delays to avoid false alarms.
The dialer shall be capable of calling up to four (4) user programmed call-out phone numbers, pagers or answering machines.
Local station identification messages and unique channel alarm messages shall be user recordable and up to five seconds long.  Once an alarm condition exists the dialer shall call the first number in sequence and deliver the alarm condition message.  The user shall have the ability to stop any further call out notifications by entering a four (4) digit PIN number.  If the PIN is not entered, the dialer shall continue to call out to the other programmed numbers.  The dialer shall be programmable to deliver reminder calls after a selectable interval.
An integral relay shall be standard and shall be programmable for remote control or local activation upon any alarm condition.
The autodialer should be capable of receiving query calls from the user and reciting the status of all alarm conditions on demand.
1.0 Construction
  1. Enclosure:  flame retardant ABS plastic 94-5VA
  2. Size:  8.79 x 4.62 x 2.25, weight 27 lbs.
  3. Temperature Limits:  32º F to 125º F
The Automatic Alarm Dialer shall be Sigma Controls’ Alarm Alert VM500-6-LV(HV).