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PC 101 Duplex Float Controller


Designed for operation of two loads requiring alternation to equalize wear, where floats or pressure switches are the primary sensors.

The PC101-S accepts up to 4 switch inputs (pump off, lead on, lag on and high level) and provides continuous monitoring of the input devices. Should any input switch fail during an operational cycle, a sequence alarm LED is activated and the pump sequence is shifted to operate with the remaining switches.

Fully programmable, the PC100-S allows user programming of alternation on or off and selection of fixed lead (pump 1 or pump 2) operation.

LED indicators provide status of all inputs, output relays and CPU activity.

RS485 MODBUS dataport can be used for SCADA, telemetry or networking.

4 Form ‘C’ alarm outputs, for load 1, load 2, high level, and general alarm.